How can I make my nicotine pouches last longer?

No.1 – Choose a robust format

As discussed earlier, moist formats are satisfying but more likely to perish quicker than their dry counterparts. So, if you’re looking for something with a lengthier window of time to enjoy at its peak, brands like XPEP are the way to go.

No.2 – Follow these storage guidelines

For the best chance that future-you will get a full experience, ensure you keep your pouches somewhere cool, dry, and away from sunlight. Some of the best places for this are in your fridge (as long as you aren’t storing them next to your salmon), pantry, or any cupboards that are away from heat and are clean.

No.3 – Separate your cans if required

Pro tip? Divvy up your cans based on where you’ll use them. If you take the car to work every day in the summer, just bring enough for the day. That way, you can keep the rest stored correctly and not expose more than you need to temperature and humidity fluctuations.


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