The answer to this question is both yes and no. Yes, in the sense that, by a certain date, your pouches will no longer be the same as when they were factory fresh (more on this...


Before you settle on a number of pouches you may think is right for you, it’s good to get an idea of how the pouches deliver nicotine to you. These pouches are like tiny pillows filled with a mixture of filler and nicotine. As they become moist, they release the nicotine into your mouth, targeting the membranes in the lip and gum to send nicotine where you can enjoy it immediately.

You don’t have to chew or suck on the pouches to activate the nicotine release, and doing so may result in unpleasant nicotine pouch side effects, like excessive drip or heartburn. In fact, it’s best if you just tuck them under your upper lip and leave them alone. 

While XPEP nicotine pouches do contain synthetic nicotine, they do not contain actual tobacco or many of the chemicals found in snuff, chew, or dip pouches. You’re really getting a clean nicotine experience similar to how you would enjoy gum or a patch, but in a way, nicotine pouches are much more discreet.

The answer to these common questions is about an hour. We optimize each pep to stay flavorsome and effective for this duration, meaning you get lasting satisfaction and, therefore, a good bang for your buck. After that, you’ll need to swap out for a fresh one to continue experiencing a good nicotine release. This is pretty much the same for pouches of all strengths. While they release different amounts of nicotine during their use, the stronger ones don’t typically last any longer than the lower-strength ones.

How your body reacts with nicotine products may determine how long you feel the nicotine after the pouch is used up. If a pouch lasts an hour, but you feel good for two or three, you don’t necessarily need to pick up another pouch right away. Everyone has a different nicotine level experience, so do what’s right for you.

-Do not swallow the pouches as they contain nicotine. Keep XPEP out of the reach of children.

-In case of a medical emergency, brings with product packaging or label to consult a doctor.

-After handling the pouches, wash your hands thoroughly.

-Avoid eating, drinking, or smoking while using this product.

-Dispose of the peps and packaging in accordance with local, regional, or national regulations for hazardous or special waste.

-XPEP is not intended to help you quit smoking.

Many areas are considered “tobacco-free” zones, such as schools, hospitals, and places where youth gather. In these areas, it may be against the law to carry or use a tobacco product, such as cigarettes, chewing tobacco, or tobacco-filled snus.

So, do pouches fall into this ban? Technically, they do not, but you should still be aware of other rules that may be in place and not as heavily promoted. Schools generally have restrictions in their policy manuals for students, teachers, and guests, so vaping or e-cigarettes aren’t allowed. Whether pouches fall into this category will depend on the rule, so it’s best to check before you enter an educational environment with a nicotine pouch.

No. While it’s totally OK to swallow the spit from using nicotine pouches, you should never swallow the pouch itself. While the contents of a nicotine pouch are basically natural fibers, flavoring, and synthetic nicotine, they’re not designed for you to consume — only hold in your top lip. It will potentially cause you an upset stomach, or even worse, nicotine poisoning.

For the best experience, it’s advised that you spit out the pouch when you’re done with it. Nicotine pouches come with a compartment on the top of the can known as a “catch lid.” These lids pop open to give you a discreet and clean place to store your used pouches until you can discard them in the trash. Remember, you can spit out your saliva or swallow the spit, but never swallow the pouch.

XPEP nicotine pouch is made from food-grade ingredients and may not be harmful if eaten in small quantities, which is good to know if you accidentally swallow one. For the best results, be sure to follow the instructions to know how to correctly use the pouch.

Each person’s reaction to swallowing a pouch can vary. If you do swallow a pouch by accident, we recommend that you check in with your healthcare provider. They can advise you on what side effects to watch for and they can help if you do start to feel sick as a result. You can also call your local poison control center for assistance.

Nicotine experiences really can vary by person, so pay attention to what your body is saying to you when you use a nicotine pouch, and adjust your use to make it an enjoyable one. If you feel like you’re using too much nicotine, cut back the number you use in a day or swap out your stronger pouches for lower-strength options. Often, getting the right pouch has as much to do with flavor as strength and how many you use.

Of course, stop using any pouches that aren’t enjoyable to use or that seem like they are causing problems. Just like when you drink too much soda or coffee, feeling shaky or jittery may be a sign that it’s time to slow down your pouch use a bit. Adjusting for your personal needs is very important to get that “just-right” experience.

You do not have to spit out the juice, which is the saliva that you produce while holding the pouch in your mouth. There is a vast difference between the juice created from a tobacco product like snus or chewing tobacco. This feature gives you more options in where you use it, and it’s much more discreet, too.

Plus, there is no brown residue to worry about. No one will have any idea you are using a pouch unless you tell them. You won’t have dirty spit cups lying around, and you won’t brown or stain your teeth, either. The nicotine pouch is a very clean form of nicotine, which is a big reason why it’s appealing to so many users.

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