Strengths Recommendation

Best for light smokers and those who are new to nicotine pouches.

Best for moderate smokers, who smoke at least 10-15 cigarettes a day.

Best for heavy smokers, who smoke one pack a day.

Best for more experienced nicotine users seeking more intense sensation.

The most highly dosed, they are reserved for experienced users.

What XPEP Contains?


We opt for plant-based food additives to retain moisture levels and serve as a foundation for flavor, ensuring complete safety for consumption.


We add calorie-free ingredients to create taste and flavor which is used in various foods.

Synthetic Nicotine

The pharmaceutical-grade nicotine synthetics with 99.9% high purity, is purer than tobacco-containing or derived nicotine.

Detailed view of a XPEP nicotine pouch

It assists in regulating the speed of nicotine release and enhances lip comfort, enveloped in a soft, food-grade non-woven fabric.


Food-grade flavors is selected to maintain consistency and evenly distributing flavor in the pouch.

pH Regulator

pH levels are a measure of acidity and alkaline content. We add pH adjusters to control the potency of the pouch. 


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© 2023 XPEP All Rights Reserved.