Do nicotine pouches match effectiveness of other smokeless products?

Study claims nicotine pouches may be a suitable replacement. Recent study examined whether nicotine pouches not only deliver the same amount of nicotine but can do so without creating additional dependencies or causing users to abuse the products.

In a 2022 study, the authors looked at how likely users were to abuse nicotine pouches compared to cigarettes and smokeless tobacco products.

The results concluded that people who used nicotine pouches weren’t any more likely to abuse nicotine than people who smoked or used moist tobacco products. In fact, when combined with data from a previous study, the authors concluded that even flavored nicotine pouches with higher nicotine levels were no more likely to cause people to overuse nicotine. This is good news for those who wonder if flavored options, like mint or citrus, may make people more likely to overuse nicotine.

As such, the researchers concluded that nicotine pouches could be a suitable alternative for people who want to stop smoking or using tobacco products, since they were able to deal with their cravings without the added harmful ingredients found in cigarettes and snuff.


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