99% High Quality Synthetic Nicotine
Natural Fragrance And No Odor
Mild Taste And Less Irritation
Relieve Addiction In 3 Seconds

Find your favorite XPEP flavour

Ranging from the mint series and fruit seriesto the specialty flavor,
all the XPEP nicotine pouches available in 4 nicotine strength.

Unparalleled Traits

XPEP Nicotine Pouches

Other Nicotine Products 

Thrilling Rush

Enjoy your gatherings with confidence without lingering smell
Xpep goes wherever you go

The Rejuvenating Power of a Smoke-free, Hassle-free Lifestyle.

XPEP create smoke-free moments for you and your loved ones
An opened XPEP can

How To Use

1. Break the seal to open the can.
2. Place the pouch between your upper lip and your gums.
3. Then you can enjoy the pouch for up to 30 minutes.
4. For the used pouch, you can store in the upper room temporarily.

© 2024 XPEP All Rights Reserved.

© 2023 XPEP All Rights Reserved.